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Re: Some fun?!*

Aug 29, 1997 07:28 PM
by libidium

Vincent wrote:
There was time when myself and three members of my immediate family were
living in a rambling house, and all working long hours at the family
bussiness trying to save it. Well I have to tell you, everything that
could go wrong all happened at once; waves of misfortune each day.
......My mother had said to me in the middle of the onslaught that she
> believed that we were under a spiritual attack, and I had to solemnly
> agree. .........It was like a monastary in the
> holocaust, but we endured, and without anything said, it ended.

Dear Vincent:  Thanks so much for sharing that.  I have read it four
times now to borrow some of the strength and peace it radiates.  It's
only been recently that I have dared to conceptualize "bad luck and/or
bad judgement" as "spritual attack or testing".
Also, thanks to theosophy (via Peter) for the concept of "learning
life's lessons" and having them return, in your face, time and again
until they are learned, real good.

My aromatherapist friend borrowed the phrase "come dance with me" about
facing adversity and I could parrot it but not feel it until recently.

Sounds like you gained a lot and have led a very interesting life.  I
was particularly taken with your description "it was like a monastery in
the holocaust".  Imagery of your past or future?

I was also taken by the "without anything said, it ended".  I'm going to
remember that, as my experience has been that so called "ended" things
hang on for approx. ten years before really being ended.

Peace.  Annette

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