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Re: alone & judgement

Aug 29, 1997 07:12 PM
by ramadoss

At 09:58 PM 8/29/97 -0400, libidium wrote:
>mkr wrote:
>When you said "I feel so all alone", it reminded me of a lecture by
>Krishnaji where he discusses how unique it is to be "alone" as compared
>to being "isolated". I think most of us some time or other feel very
>isolated for one reason or the other. Very rarely one feels "alone".
>> mkr
>I'd like an explanation of this.  My experience since the
>"communications era" has been that I can feel very "alone" but rarely
>isolated.  E.G.: when taking a stand on an issue say at work or in a
>volunteer group that turns out to be opposite to the (at least) vocal
>majority (brackets to include all those people who have not the courage
>to commit on an issue but wait to see which side it's best to be on), I
>feel "alone" but not isolated.  Or, when in a "depressed" frame of mind
>when I would just love for someone to call and ask how I am (rather than
>for business advice), I feel alone but not isolated because I can phone,
>fax, email or drive to connection.
>Am I getting it wrong because I always perceive things in "physical or
>human" terms?

   You are right. We are on the physical plane and so we have to pay
attention to it.

If you look at great things that have helped humanity, it is because a
handful of men and women have taken a firm stand on issues they know are
right eventhough they were not considered by the then masses as heretical or
unwise, it is then one is alone -- not isolated because they have the
welfare of everyone in their hearts and thus connected to everyone.

   So it is quite difficult to be a martyr and take tough unpopular stands.
But it is such action that makes a different in the lives of a lot of
people. So let us all act on what we feel right, not because of other
consideration -- something sacred, religious, acceptable to the society, not
willing to make our friends and family unhappy etc. etc. As more of us do
it, we can change the society and each one of us can make a lot of
difference. Others have done it. We can do it. 


PS: Let me see if I can find K's lecture on "alone" and if I do, I will post it.

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