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Chains, Compassion, Correspondences and the Comfort of Theosophy

Aug 27, 1997 11:26 AM

>For your information, I found this on the net under theosophy on the Spirit 
>These vast periods of evolution have great beings of enormous stature looking 

>after them. Evolution isn't just a series of random mutations, but proceeds 
>a coordinated Plan. Sub-races usually have a spiritual Master incarnate among 

>them to help guide or create a religion. Each Root-Race has a great guide 
>called a Manu who among other things incarnates to help set the physical type 

>of each race. Most of these Manus and Masters are known in our history. An 
>entire World-Period of its seven Root-Races has a great being called the Lord 

>of the World looking after it. Moving up the hierarchy, an entire Round is 
>coordinated by a Round Manu, and an entire Chain of seven globes is 
>coordinated by several Chain Manus. 
>Our entire series of seven Chains forms a Scheme of evolution. The one we are 

>in now we call the Earth or Terrene Scheme. There are other Schemes in our 
>solar system which the other physical planets other than Earth, Mercury, and 
>Mars, and many etheric planets belong to. Our solar system is composed of ten 

>Schemes total. Each Scheme goes through seven Chains, and is presently in a 
>particular one of them with its seven globes. Of the ten Schemes, only seven 
>have any physical planets. The seven principal Schemes or planets within them 

>form the "Seven Sacred Planets" and the "Seven Rays" of our solar system. 
>is a brief description of each Scheme, which is generally named after its 
>densest planet in its current Chain: 
>(1) The Vulcan Scheme: Presently in its third Chain, it has one physical 
>(the planet Vulcan inside Mercury's orbit), two astral, two lower mental, and 

>two Causal globes. (2) The Venus Scheme: Presently in its fifth Chain, it 
>has one physical (Venus itself), two astral, two mental, and two Causal 
>globes. (3) The Earth Scheme: This is our Scheme presently in its fourth 
>Chain, with three physical (Mercury, Earth, and Mars), two astral, and two 
>mental globes. (4), (5), and (6) The Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus Schemes: All 

>three of these Schemes are in their third Chain, and each of them have one 
>physical, two astral, two lower mental, and two Causal globes. (7) The 
>Scheme: This Scheme is in its fourth Chain, and like ours has three physical, 

>two astral, and two . . .
>Keith:   We haven't discussed the schemes laid out in great detail by HPB in 
>the SD which were an attempt to "correct" ESOTERIC BUDHISM by Sinnett.
>I think with the current interest of many in astrology, it might be 
>interesting to deleve into these deep and promising waters.   Alice Bailey 
>developed her own system of Esoteric Astrology which is not directly related 
>to HPB's schemes of evolution, as far as I can tell.
>The planets exist on an etheric, astral, intellecutal (noospheric), buddhic, 
>and atmic levels just as we do in our physcial bodies. The solar system and 
>beyond echo this scheme of interpenentrating bodies, evolving at different 
>planes and for different purposes.
>Life waves move from planet to planet in our solar system and if we may 
>speculate like the science fiction writers from galaxy to galaxy.
>Has anyone studied this in detail?  Does anyone want to study it on-line?
>Keith Price

Thanks for the post.

This is one of the best summary I have seen. While for many all of it at
this stage of our individual evolution (except for any real Adepts or
initiates on this list), for the time being, they are one of the best
hypotheses to work with until a better understanding takes place.



Keith:   I know that many have or used to spend a lot of time tabulating 
correspondences such as Mercury is the mind, as the planet and our higher 
mental nature and is assoicated with Wednesday,  the metal tin (?) the color 
blue (?) the note C (?) and so on.  I am putting question marks because I 
cannot find the place in the SECRET DOCTRINE where the various systems of 
correspondences are laid out in table form and debated by Blavatsky.

On a larger scale, I think it may be interesting to note that all these things 
are EVOLVING and we cannot capture them as in a snapshot.  In other words the 
solar system is a UNITY and group of 7 planetary bodies, planes etc each which 
have seven planes or schemes of evolution.   As above, so below is the great 
hermetic maxim.  Therefore we can claim that there are great evolutionary 
cycles in our personal reincarnation, the evolution of the human race, the 
evolution of the solar system as a BEING with a pulsing life, a system of 
interconnections as real as our circulatory or nervous system and as 

Many have spent years, and perhaps lifetimes developing a system of 
correspondences that appear in such system as TAROT/Cabala whereby each card 
or number has an angel, a prinicple, a color, a sound, a smell, an herb, a 
planet, a rune, and on and on.

Some like Alan Bain have suggested that there is no point to this, yet his 
KEYs TO THE KABALA seems to be just such an effort to make these efforts 
practical for personal evolution.  Personal evolution puts one in contact with 
the Master that is currently overlooking (Avetiloskevara or Avatar) our 
current evolution and guiding and correcting it.

The idea of the Universe as a body of subtle energy as well as gross 
representations such as planets and animal/human bodies is not a new one, but 
one that seems to underlie the reason for compassion for all Beings because 
the Universe itself is expressing compassion, by the very process of evolution 
large and small, inter-galactic and/or physical processes of the human.

The comfort seems to be that we cannot ever grasp the details, but can choose 
to go with the right hand path of the plan of the Manu or Logos or teacher of 
the moment who can see into dimensions unavailable to the chela or student.

The comfort of theosophy is that there are such large forces at work, that we 
are like a cell in the GREAT WORLD BODY OR SOUL. Some are white blood cells 
others are viruses, but we are all playing a part in cosmic drama that is much 
larger than we can imagine, but we can try.

I specifically, wanted to bring this up because, I am going to give a talk 
about theosophy and astrology.  Theosophy is not so much person centered as 
WORLD SOUL centered and we have corresponding dimensions in our seven bodies.

I think some would claim that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and so on with the last 
great hope of the white brotherhood being Krishnamurti.  We can all feel 
rumblings in the life wave in our astral bodies, collective and individual.  
This is why I think there is so little concensus as how theosophy can provide 
compassion and comfort in a way that is directed not by the past, but by the 
current wishes of the Manu.

Keith Price

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