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Re: Chains, Compassion, Correspondences and the Comfort of Theosophy

Aug 27, 1997 04:44 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, JOSEPH PRICE
<> writes
>Many have spent years, and perhaps lifetimes developing a system of 
>correspondences that appear in such system as TAROT/Cabala whereby each card 
>or number has an angel, a prinicple, a color, a sound, a smell, an herb, a 
>planet, a rune, and on and on.
>Some like Alan Bain have suggested that there is no point to this, yet his 
>KEYs TO THE KABALA seems to be just such an effort to make these efforts 
>practical for personal evolution. 

I may have spoken less than favorably of some people's *use* of these
things, and I recently asked someone who posted on the list what
practical application the business of rounds and chains had.  I wanted
to know what their view was. So far no meaningful response (although
there was one to my secondary question).  I am glad you recognise that
my efforts in the ~Keys~ are intended as a serious attempt towards
practical efforts!

Peace and joy, etc.,

Alan :-)

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