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Re: Some fun?!*

Aug 29, 1997 05:48 PM
by A. Safron

> From:
> Subject: Re: Some fun?!*
> Date: Friday, August 29, 1997 3:43 PM
> At 09:10 PM 8/28/97 -0400, A. Safron wrote:
> >My problems looks lilke a pin prick next to yours.
> They're not. IMHO, our problems are tailored to fit us and the important
> thing is how serious your problem is to *you*. Yours sounds like a
> "biggie", that it has indeed been a rough experience for you.

The physicality of it may not be as serious as yours, but yours was
immediately recognizable.  Mine was sort of a mystery for a
month and half, which can wreak havoc on the psyche.  It was sort of
being on a medical roller-coaster, where a doc would give you one
medication with the promise of cure, only to have it fail.  Then that
to have that happen six times, one right after the other, so that it went
on for a month.  Seems the docs never took the proper tests in the
first place to know what bacteria I had or what medication to use.
One urologist had the arrogance to tell me to take medication that
had already failed.  When I protested, he prescribed it anyway.
He'll never see me again and I hope he flushes himself down the toilet..

I was sort of watching ER last night and started yelling at the top
of my lungs, "Where was George Clooney when I needed him?"

Thanks for letting me vent,

A. Safron

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