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Re: Dear Alan

Aug 29, 1997 09:09 PM
by libidium

Alan, you wrote:
The Glastonbury legends claim that he went there (Glastonbury) with his
"uncle" Joseph of Arimathea when J was a young lad.  At that time the
Druids were not underground, and probably controlled the place. It's a
complicated, detailed, and much glamorized (and commercialized) story.
The definitive first book to read on this is ~St. Joseph of Arimathea at
Glastonbury~ by L. Smithett-Lewis.....

Gotcha.  I'll find it somehow.  You have probably realized by now that I
am not well read and I have to confess I choose video over text and
audio.  So, synchronistically, A&E had a program here on the Aurther
Legend a few nights ago and showed Glastonbury Tor and mentioned the
legend of the Holy Grail being buried under the castle ruins, before
saying it probably wasn't and moving on to show the excavation of a
Persian palace where they think it might have been buried.  It was said
by some official in Glastonbury that the castle vaults were sealed and
could not be opened.  I thought,"why on earth not?"

Download my ~Keys to Kabbalah~ from the website (below) and just stay
with Part One for  starters ...

Thanks.  I'll try.  Just because you try to represent yourself as some
kind of "outcast" (and I read the letter you got), I went to "Occult
Glossary" by G. de Purucker to look up Qabbalah before commitment to
your suggestion. 

If we don't understand the laws, then how on earth can we expect to get
the practices right?

Well, what about childhood, or initiate status?  We attend the festivals
and mimic the practices in all good faith because that is all we are
capable of doing at that point.  Later we learn and understand the Laws,
and decide to continue or reject the practices.  How else can we do it? 
Except of course by not being allowed to participate in the practices
before we understand the Laws.  But then, surely, part of the
understanding of the Laws comes from the participation in the
practices.  Quite a chicken and egg dilema!
Re sound:
As for the chakras, we need to be very careful when attempting to work
with them.  A little ignorance can do a lot of damage.

Oh dear.  Now I will not be able to enjoy my "Tones and Colours" for
opening the Chakras tape without hearing your words.  I bet you'll tell
me too that I shouldn't mess around burning Frankinsense and wearing
fennell as a perfume to aid my concentration, have the sweetgrass and
horseshoe nailed on my front door to keep evil out, or deck my bedroom
with dream catchers and what ever greenery is in season.  Not only that,
I'm setting up a bowl of spring water with the intent of seeing
visions.  Good grief, I KNOW there's lots of kowledge associated with
these things and they CAN be harmful when used for the wrong reasons,
but they help release the loving spirit within, so what's the objection?

I printed your response and am VERY grateful for all the reference
> Oh! Oh! Oh! Arrrrrrr! Was it good for you .... ?
Sorry Alan, you'll have to do better than that.  As I gave up my plan to
go to Manitoulin Island for my vacation due to lack of funds, I treated
myself to some music and just bought a Clannad CD.  If you want me to
orgasm you'll have to sing like them singing "I Will Find You" from The
Last of the Mohicans.

My own early days (esoterically speaking) were late 50's).
I have no idea what you mean by this, because I still haven't
internalized what "esoterically" means.
Trees can get importunate if you let them.  They don't let you hug them
for nothing :-)
Hey buddy - no-one lets you hug them for nothing nowadays.

Down here near Lands End we can get real close to the source just by
watching and hearing the rough seas crash against the rocks and cliffs
of this still rural and rugged land.

May you enjoy it for a long time to come.  I tried to imagine you in
slacks and tweed jacket (with the arm patches of course) on the rocks
enjoying this, but can't get past the black hat, outfit, and buckled
shoes of my first image (Cromwellian I believe).
Many thanks once again for your extensive reply.  enough stuff for me to
be going on with for a good while.  (Big sigh of relief from rest of
Cheers.  Annette.

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