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Three Monkeys

Aug 15, 1997 12:46 PM
by kymsmith

Bart wrote:

>	A large portion of the conversation in this list is put-downs and
>insults aimed at the Theosophical Society.

One of the problems with the TS and those who hob-nob "at the top" (such as
you) is that they are quick to label complaints and disillusionment as
"put-downs" and "insults."  Listening to some of us mere mortal members is
not a priority with the TS - if we disagree, we are simply whining.

Your defense of the TS is admirable - but the TS consists of many more
people than Algeo and you are willing to recognize.  It is not an exclusive
club - no matter how hard some may try to make it so.

>I do not consider it an
>insult to the people on this list that I would not recommend it to
>members of the Theosophical Society.

It is an insult that you believe the opinions expressed here are unworthy of
being heard by other members.  Again, this is an example of trying to push
out those who march to the sound of a different drummer.  

It's not right, Bart, and I think you know it.  I have often disagreed with
some things you have to say - but I, and others on this list, would never
even consider pretending that you are not as valuable in opinion and person
as the rest of us.


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