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It has occurred to me . . .

Aug 15, 1997 12:44 PM
by A. Safron

Fellow Theos-l Posters:

My recent posts with Bart Lifdolsky have often left
me puzzled.  He seemed to be twisting what I said.
And then he openly says that he would not
recommend this list to anyone.  Then why is he
on this list?

My guess is that on his own or at the suggestion
of someone else, he has been harrassing those on
the list and making those on the list look like black
rebels that are about to destroy the TSA Empire.

Though I'm sure he will deny every word I've said,
I had to put in one last post in his direction. Preferably
with a point.

Think about it.  Why would someone diss this list?
Because they are deadly afraid that someone is
going to say the truth.

Doss might print a historical paper that would
reveal something.  KPJ might say something negative
about the Masters.  Even Tom, might say that all
women should kneel at his feet.  And Chuck, the babe,
and me, A. Safron might talk about S&M.  Is this
Theosophy?  Maybe not, but the only person whose 
business  that is is John Meade.  When he sends me a post
(or anyone) else  and tells me to shut up, that will be that.

Dr. Bain?  This would be a really good time for 
you to step in and talk about TI.

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