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Re: Is Theosophy a Religion?

Aug 23, 1997 12:34 PM
by ramadoss

Titus Roth wrote:
> quoted:
> >> There was no limit to her kindness and generosity, but I regret to say that
> >> in my opinion her generosity was a great factor in the degeneration of
> >> T.S. Until then, those who worked for the Society were inspired by a spirit
> >> of self-sacrifice -- they worked for love -- but with the advent of Miss
> >> Dodge's fortune a new spirit crept in."
> > I am sure there will be those who will argue how money is all important and
> > so on. They are entitled to their opinion.  YMDMV .........mkr
> Good points.
> If we concentrate on our spiritual work, I think we're karmically given about
> the amount of money that is beneficial for us. If a legitimate need arises for
> more, God can provide it. If He/She doesn't, chances are that our envisioned
> need is not really essential.
> I've heard a number of stories of people who win the lotteries, and end up
> very unhappy or, incredibly, in deep debt because they spend more than they
> get. Obviously their priorities were not right. Others with right attitudes
> have earned money from past lives and it doesn't spoil them. James J. Lynn,
> Yogananda's disciple was an example of the latter.

I agree.

I have seen that none of the activites of a spiritual organization has
ever suffered for want of funds. Of course the organizers have to use
all their creativity to get the activity accomplished with limited
means. The most glaring example of all is the TS itself. HPB and HSO
were always short of funds when they launched TS and it the early days
and a super network of branches and centers were established all over
the world.

Even in my personal life, many kinds of help has come forth, none of
which money could not buy.

Even in spiritual organizations, when the money issues come up, I have
again and again seen how secretive the organization becomes as far as
disclosing anything relative to the money, their sources, the
expenditures and justification thereof. Also there is a lot of waste.


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