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Re: Is Theosophy a Religion?

Aug 23, 1997 02:46 PM
by Tom Robertson

Doss wrote:

>Here is an interesting quote from "Candles in the Sun" which is very >interesting.


>"I regret to say that in my opinion her generosity was a great factor in the
>degeneration of T.S. Until then, those who worked for the Society were
>inspired by a spirit of self-sacrifice -- they worked for love -- but with
>the advent of Miss Dodge's fortune a new spirit crept in. The wildest
>schemes were financed by her and salaries were given to all who worked at
>headquarters. When, later, another recent convert to Theosophy, who was >also an ardent Socialist, insisted on trade union rates of wages being paid >to all workers, there began a scramble among Theosophists for lucrative >jobs. This is not intended in any way as a slur on Miss. Dodge, but merely >as an example of how money can corrupt a spiritual organization."
>I am sure there will be those who will argue how money is all important and
>so on. They are entitled to their opinion.

It doesn't surprise me that a Socialist instituted the policies that
led to such corruption.  This is yet another example of how the
further removed that the source of money is from its use, the more
corruption there is.  The welfare system of the United States may be
the best example.  "The Tragedy of American Compassion," by Marvin
Olasky makes a great case for the poor being better taken care of
directly by private individuals than remotely by government, and how
bad compassion drives out good.  HPB recommended personal, direct
giving, rather than letting it pass through other hands.  There is
nothing wrong with money - the more, the better.  But those who give
it have a great responsibility to see that it is used properly, or
they share responsibility for the evil that its misuse causes.  Miss
Dodge, generous as she was, also deserves a slur.    

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