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Re: It has occurred to me . . .

Aug 17, 1997 08:21 AM
by ramadoss

>From time to time, there may have been certain factual information about
TS/TSA and its present or past leaders which may be inaccurate that was
posted here. It could possibly due to the poster being unaware of the full
and accurate details, because I believe no one wants to post inaccurate info
and be embarassed in public.

But even when such things have happened, we have never seen any officer from
Wheaton coming posting a correction.

For example if in a print publication, something like this had happened, you
would have seen a letter to the editor from Wheaton pointing out the
inaccuracy and correction.

Not monitoring (I don't know if any officer at Wheaton is doing it) is not
going to help TS or TSA or Theosophy, IMHO. Only time will tell.


At 05:52 PM 8/15/97 -0400, you wrote:
>A. Safron wrote:
>> Fellow Theos-l Posters:
>> My recent posts with Bart Lifdolsky have often left
>> me puzzled.  He seemed to be twisting what I said.
>	If I have, then I apologize. The only place where that might have been
>true was when you compared behavior of the TS and that of Nazi Germany,
>and qualified your statement in the next sentence. I took the initial
>sentence, because you used such an emotionally loaded example, which, in
>my opinion, overrides any subsequent explanation. If there are any other
>examples, I will either explain my statement, or retract it.
>> And then he openly says that he would not
>> recommend this list to anyone.  Then why is he
>> on this list?
>	I did not say that I would not recommend this list to anyone. I said
>that I would not recommend this list in a publication aimed at members
>of the TSA. If I were building a comprehensive list of Theosophy on the
>Internet, I would certainly mention this list. 
>	As far as the reason why I am on this list, when the subject actually
>gets to Theosophy, then there are opinions that I value expressed.
>> My guess is that on his own or at the suggestion
>> of someone else, he has been harrassing those on
>> the list and making those on the list look like black
>> rebels that are about to destroy the TSA Empire.
>	Oh, there is no need for THAT.
>> Think about it.  Why would someone diss this list?
>> Because they are deadly afraid that someone is
>> going to say the truth.
>	It is not the factual information that I am upset about. It is the
>casual, snide, put-downs, often accompanied by taking phrases out of
>context, and twisting them in ways Gracie Allen would find ridiculous.
>> Doss might print a historical paper that would
>> reveal something.  KPJ might say something negative
>> about the Masters.  Even Tom, might say that all
>> women should kneel at his feet.  And Chuck, the babe,
>> and me, A. Safron might talk about S&M. 
>	And I have no personal problem with any of this (well, maybe with
>> Dr. Bain?  This would be a really good time for
>> you to step in and talk about TI.
>	Actually, I did state that if what Dr. Bain says about his being
>dismissed from the TS in England is true, then, in my opinion, he was
>definitely wronged. He mentioned the possibility of posting his letter
>of dismissal; I am willing to take his word for it as to the contents
>(whatever else I have said about him, I have never called him a liar,
>although I have disagreed with many of his conclusions), which is why I
>didn't specifically request that he post it, but if he posts it anyway,
>I would be interested in reading it.
>	Bart

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