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Jul 31, 1997 04:07 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>Folks can't be
>satisfied with just pointing out the dangers of smoking and let people make
>their own decisions nor even stop at banning smoking in public. Nooooo.
>They have to try to FORCE everyone to quit, even in the privacy of their
>own homes where the issue of second-hand smoke is irrelevant.

No one should be forced, but a great deal more is known today than not
too many years ago.  I have a close friend who suffers from permanent
asthma due entirely to living in a household of small rooms in which all
five adults (including parents) were heavy smokers.  She eventualy had
to leave home because she couldn't take any more, alienating her
relatives in the process. And, BTW, the diagnosis has been medically
confirmed.  For what it's worth, tho' not perhaps directly relevant, I
used to smoke around 30 a day, but stopped seven years ago. Stopped -
not "gave up" - smoking.


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