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Re: Smoking

Aug 01, 1997 10:39 AM
by techndex

At 12:32 AM 8/1/97 -0400, Alan wrote:

<snippage of my own post>

>No one should be forced, but a great deal more is known today than not
>too many years ago.  I have a close friend who suffers from permanent
>asthma due entirely to living in a household of small rooms in which all
>five adults (including parents) were heavy smokers.  She eventualy had
>to leave home because she couldn't take any more, alienating her
>relatives in the process. And, BTW, the diagnosis has been medically


I'm truly sorry about your friend!!!! I hope I didn't imply that smoking
wasn't dangerous to ones health. It was just the personal freedom issue I
was aiming at. :-)

>For what it's worth, tho' not perhaps directly relevant, I
>used to smoke around 30 a day, but stopped seven years ago. Stopped -
>not "gave up" - smoking.

I'm glad you did. I'd like to see you around for a long time to come!


Lynn Moncrief
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