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Re: Internet and TS

Aug 19, 1997 05:14 PM
by Titus Roth

I don't remember who posted what, since I deleted my backlog of messages. But
I thought I'd throw in my $0.02 on organizational dynamics, spiritual groups
and the internet.

The Internet is no great saviour from organizational politics.  Until mankind
itself changes, it will just be used and misused as organizations are used and
misused.  While we may gain some minor benefit from the internet, don't look
to it to save us from the same schisms, cliques, or group-thinks present in
other groups.

Look at other supposed technological saviours.  Have we made much spiritual
progress because of them?  Maybe, but it's debatable.  With time saving
inventions like telephones and automobiles we have crowded so much more
non-essential activity into our lives and have even less time than before.  Is
our civilization more stable and safer from the barbarians for having more
modern weapons?  Instead of kids just hitting each other with fists and
stones, we have them dying from gunshot wounds.

I wouldn't give up my car or telephone, nor would I give up internet access,
but like many short cuts they have to be used not as distractions and not at
the expense of self-development.

The intricate schemes of matter and materiality!  What looks so limitless and
free can easily enslave us without our even realizing it.

"He who taketh a shortcut findeth himself at the end of no journey, hands
empty, having no gift for the Master."

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