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Re: About Hollywood and Blavatsky

Aug 23, 1997 11:48 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-08-23 07:09:14 EDT, you write:

>Hey, i just was remembering...someone said in a late magazine of
>theos-world, that they were making a movie on Theosophy and HPB, i hope
>it releases soon, and i really hope it to be a BLOCKBUSTER!! 
>No better than the communication media to transmit the lifework, the
>feeling and dreams of Blavatsky and pepole related..

The only problem is that there hasn't been anyone in hollywood BIG enough to
play her since Kate Smith passed on to the Great Lunch Counter in the sky.
 Considering what hollywood does to people though, the thought of a movie
about HPB should probably fill us with fear and trembling because it will be
very hard not to have it funny in all the wrong places (with the masters as
intentional comic relief).

Chuck the Heretic

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