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Re: About Hollywood and Blavatsky

Aug 22, 1997 05:54 PM
by A. Safron

> From: Estrella <>
> Subject: About Hollywood and Blavatsky
> Date: Friday, August 22, 1997 6:02 PM
> Hey, i just was remembering...someone said in a late magazine of
> theos-world, that they were making a movie on Theosophy and HPB, i hope
> it releases soon, and i really hope it to be a BLOCKBUSTER!! 
> Yeeahhh!!
> No better than the communication media to transmit the lifework, the
> feeling and dreams of Blavatsky and pepole related..
> Estrella

A very well-known director once said that today you need three things in a
successful movie today: nudity, violence and murder.

I can see it now- Sharon Stone playing HPB doing a shower scene with Olcott, 
who is played by Brad Pitt.

If there is such a movie made, they are usually shown in a small art theatre.
It's a major miracle that "My Dinner with Andre" got made and got distribiuted.
I was actually able to rent it from Blockbuster.  Another goodie, little known,
is "The New Age".

A. Safron

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