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Gathering at Hector's

Aug 29, 1997 06:46 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Vince,

When I got back from vacation last week I had a voicemail
message from Joan White asking if I'd be available to be one of
several speakers the 13th.  But the deadline for replying had
passed before I got back, and anyhow I have to work that day.
Hate to miss the event, which I always look forward to.
Sundays work better generally.

The friendly folks at the Baltimore and DC lodges and the
Charlotte study center will never "lose" me, but I have let my
membership in TSA lapse.  However I do still belong to the
Pasadena TS and had a pleasant visit there last spring.  Really
I've had one foot in Theosophy and the other in Cayce for
twenty years now; I guess you could say for most of that time
the theosophical foot bore most of the weight but now things
have shifted.

Have a great gathering and give folks my love.


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