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Re: Self-referential Statements

Aug 27, 1997 09:29 PM
by kymsmith

Titus wrote:

>> > writes
>> > >I feel so all alone.
>> > [Alan] Greetings to Kym from the entire population of Cornwall, UK!
>> [Ann] Greetings  from the entire population of Chicago, which is
>> around 3 million and includes all kinds of people.

>Gee, Kym. How does it feel with millions of people fawning over you?

"Fawning?"  Are ye jealous? - neener, neener :-)

Random acts of compassion, such as those from Alan and Ann, are so powerful
and effecting.  Actions, small yet tender, or words, few and kind, remind
people that they are worthy - tells them that someone has recognized their
existence.  Such words and acts really can, literally, mean the difference
between life and death.

Although I wrote the statement "I feel so all alone" more in jest than truth
- the response I received to it was an unexpected, pleasant, and appreciated

Now. . .don't you folks who ignored my 'call for help' feel like doo doo?


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