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Re: Dear Alan

Aug 27, 1997 09:55 PM
by ramadoss

At 12:13 AM 8/28/97 -0400, Annette Rivington wrote:

>Re debating content: Everyone is at a different stage.  For those of us
>who have gone through the "arguing and defending the faith" stage,
>sometimes the debates seem time wasting - but surely we must understand
>the need for others to experience it, just as we did (and may do again).
>Re slinging insults:  It's certainly not true to say that words never
>hurt.  They do, sometimes enough to get through that good old protective
>shell, not only of the one to whom the diatribe is being directed, but
>also to those of us are listening and watching.  Then we start to feel
>and think.  (The first thing we feel is the pain of the person doing the

Dear Annette:

You should have taken a long time writing the msg unless you are very fast
on the key board! You have a wonderful command of language -- not at all
surprised knowing where you grew up.

You are right -- a wrong word written or said can hurt a lot more and last
longer than physical pain. Physical pain we tend to forget. How many can
remember today the ache one had 20 year ago. But a wrong word said 50 years
ago can still linger and hurt someone.

By the same token, different people react differently to anything that is
said or done. Some times one has to use language which may initially hurt
but will do a lot of good in the long run for the recipient -- like surgery
-- you cut and it is painful -- but it may save future pain or stop the pain
- or even save the life.

I think that anything should be considered in an overall concept and when
looked at from that viewpoint, one is able to make a judgement what to say
or do and we hope we are right most of the time in what we say or what we do.

In many many cases where there is a problem, I have found that a very direct
approach -- especially personal one -- can solve problems quickly and
easily. I have found this to be the case in my own day to day life. And so
what may sometimes look like cruel and inconsiderate or unfair may after all
may do a lot of good to everyone involved. My 2 cents worth. YMDMV.

BTW, no one will find me wearing robes - at least on physical plane -- I
don't know much about other planes!!!

Good hearing from you.


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