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Gary's Six Questions

Aug 26, 1997 04:55 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>The questions we may need to ask ourselves are:
>1) What is the opposite of a black hole? 
>2) Is spiritual light and physical light the same or the opposite of one
>3) What does the image of God mean? Is it his physical likeness or mirror
>4) Does God exist in the flesh, or in the spirit?
>5) How do Physical and Spiritual realities compare?
>6) From where did the physical universe originally come from?

My Answers:

(1) A white hole.

(2) Two sides of the same thing.

(3) God has no "physical likeness," but of course the answer
here depends on how you define "God."  In my own definition,
"image" equates to "expression."

(4) If we define God as All in All, then he exists everywhere.

(5) As above so below.

(6) It was always here in some form, and always will be, because
God must always be expressed.

Just a few quick thoughts.

Jerry S.
Member, TI 

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