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Re: Ancient Wisdom Revived

Aug 16, 1997 09:08 PM
by ramadoss

At 07:43 PM 8/16/97 -0400, Vincent Beall wrote:
>Has anyone read this history of the Theosophical movement written by
>Bruce Campbell? It has some very interesting historical notes. I bought
>it at the Baltimore lodge bookstore. Campbell is not a member of any
>theosophical organization and seems to have written the book
>objectively. Today in Hollywood they say that no publicity is worse than
>bad publicity, and after reading Campbell's book it seems that they
>could have learned that from the life of HPB.
>BTW, I really don't understand why so many are so 'nervous' about
>discussions on this list. It seems that most of the posts of late are
>about everybodies rights to their oppinions and what the Wheaton people
>may or may not think. At the Baltimore TS lodge lectures were open to
>any topic, and the consensus was such that the members would welcome
>ideas on the revision of theosophy even expressing interest in new
>theosophical groups, thinking that spin-offs from the TS were a strength
>of the movement as a whole.
>Let's face it, theosophists of any kind are rare birds, and brothehood
>is not an elective it is imperative.

During the fast growth times, TS and its leaders had always been high
profiled and were involved in a number of issues widely discussed,
criticised, complained about. Such activities brought on a lot of free
publicity. Surely during HPB's days she was the non-conformist and raised a
lot of controversy and such controversy did help the TS to grow.

Incessently talking to ourself in a conformative way may look nice but is it
productive of results both for ourselves and the theosophical movement. Some
may feel it is so. I for one don't.

I agree with you that real theosophists are rare birds indeed and they grow
in freedom not in any sheepish/mushroom environment.


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