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Re: Internet and TS

Aug 16, 1997 09:32 PM
by Tom Robertson

Alan wrote:

>In message <>, Tom >Robertson <> writes

>>Are you saying that calling someone who did nothing more than list
>>some differences he saw between men and women a "sexist bastard" is
>>"brotherly" and "freedom of speech and freedom of opinion," but
>>suggesting the possibility (which is what the word "maybe" does) that
>>you might have had something to do with your dismissal from a
>>committee on the TS is unbrotherly and shouldn't be said?

>I remarked once before that your main interest in posting to this list
>appeared to be a desire to be contentious. The above reinforces my
>opinion, and along with others on the list, my correspondence with you
>will now cease.

When those who are 100 times as nasty and contentious as I am agree
with you, you applaud their freedom of expression.  If you were
spiritually pure, you would do the same when someone asks you a
question to which you have no answer.  You have renewed my faith in
the TS.

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