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Re: Internet and TS

Aug 15, 1997 11:56 PM
by Tom Robertson

Alan wrote:

>In message <>, Tom >Robertson <> writes

>>Maybe you got kicked out for
>>generally having the same attitude that it took for you to immediately
>>call me a "sexist bastard"

>I may have called you sexist, as your posts suggest you are. That's
>freedom of speech and freedom of opinion.  As I have no knowledge of
>your parentage I have no reason to describe you as a bastard, and am
>certain that I have never done so.

I suppose technically, you're correct, since, the way you put it, you
didn't say it yourself, but quoted a woman to whom you repeated what I
had written, and who said I was a sexist bastard.  But if you didn't
agree with her, why would you quote her?  To say that you never said
it implies that you would not have said it yourself, which I don't

>You appear frequently to regard women as inferior, and have been known
>to use language in a way that has clearly offended them, as some of
>their responses have made abundantly clear.

That's because their definition of sexism, as yours appears to be, is
anything that thinks anything negatively of women.  Men can be thought
of as negatively as possible, with no charge of sexism, as April Joy's
posts, listing 40 or so criticisms of men, and the non-responses to
them made obvious.  Truth doesn't matter to such sexist people with
that view of sexism, and I don't care if I offend such people, since I
would have to be dishonest not to.    

>The quote from your post above reads as though your attitude towards
>myself and others on this list is anything but "brotherly."

Are you saying that calling someone who did nothing more than list
some differences he saw between men and women a "sexist bastard" is
"brotherly" and "freedom of speech and freedom of opinion," but
suggesting the possibility (which is what the word "maybe" does) that
you might have had something to do with your dismissal from a
committee on the TS is unbrotherly and shouldn't be said?

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