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Re: Internet and TS

Aug 15, 1997 05:06 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Tom Robertson
<> writes
>Maybe you got kicked out for
>generally having the same attitude that it took for you to immediately
>call me a "sexist bastard"

I may have called you sexist, as your posts suggest you are. That's
freedom of speech and freedom of opinion.  As I have no knowledge of
your parentage I have no reason to describe you as a bastard, and am
certain that I have never done so.

You appear frequently to regard women as inferior, and have been known
to use language in a way that has clearly offended them, as some of
their responses have made abundantly clear.

If this is not the case, perhaps your use of language on the list is in
need of revision?

You appear to be accusing me of having an attitude which is in conflict
with the first object, which in this post you are yourself abrogating.

Those of us who founded TI spent a great deal of thought, time, and
heart-searching to try to get this right.  You joined us almost
immediately upon your entrance to theos-l, and then began by posting
messages which appeared to give the lie to your stated commitment when
"signing up."  Perhaps you would like to re-affirm this commitment and
explain to those of us who have found your posts objectionable where it
is we are not understanding you?

The quote from your post above reads as though your attitude towards
myself and others on this list is anything but "brotherly."

As an example of how this kind of attitude works in practice, I probably
*will* repost the letter I mentioned.


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