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Re: Smoking

Aug 04, 1997 08:18 AM
by techndex

At 09:11 PM 8/1/97 -0400, A. Safron wrote:

>> In message <>,
>> writes
>> >Folks can't be
>> >satisfied with just pointing out the dangers of smoking and let people
>> >their own decisions nor even stop at banning smoking in public. Nooooo.
>> >They have to try to FORCE everyone to quit, even in the privacy of their
>> >own homes where the issue of second-hand smoke is irrelevant.
>I was asthmatic as a child and allergic to cigarette smoke.  My mother, who
>smoked, always smoked in another room of the house, the porch, where
>the smoke would dissipate out the window.  She even put on a coat in winter
>and smoked out there.  My father smoked cigars, but only outdoors.
>If 2nd hand smoke is irrelevant, then they were clueless to that that notion.

Hi Anne,

You're right. I should not have said "irrelevant". In fact, I myself
shouldn't be exposed to second-hand smoke because I have heart disease.
(And I live with three smokers.) The real point that I was trying so poorly
to make that, in ones own home, it should be a decision made by those
affected and involved, not by other individuals, including governments. 


Lynn Moncrief
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