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A Tarot Question - Portals

Aug 06, 1997 11:51 AM

Many of the tarot decks( Crowley's, Waite's, Golden Dawn's, Dali's etc.) have 
the atributions from the Hebrew letters and astrology and many other systems.

My question is the four angels of the angles - man as Aquarius, bull as 
Taurus, lion as Leo and Eagle as Scorpio.  These have been explained 
(unsatisfactorially) as Ezikeil's vision, astrological directions etc.

I am not satisfied.  I think there is a very definite idea that that the world 
or universe (tarot card THE WORLD for example) is bounded by four archangles.  
Then there is the vesica pisces that is shaped like a mouth or vagina that 
contains the woman (whore or shekinah?) holding two double ended wands.

This would all be academic except in my meditations I have noticed that some 
of these bordering figures and designs act like portals or doors to other 
levels of consciousness.   At one time it was almost like I was going into a 
parallel universe like one does in a lucid dream.  In a lucid dream one 
changes environments very quickly, but the ego-sense remains stable.  

I must admit I was more than afraid.  I feared that if I went throught the 
portal I might be trapped, not in a state call enlightened, but one called 
psychotic.  Yet, with experience one can learn to control the  lucid dream 
state (done that) and the traveling through the portals (haven't been there).  
Is this what is known as "path working"??


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