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Up is down in Australia

Aug 06, 1997 11:37 AM

<> writes
>I have Pluto conjunct my natal Mercury and both are conjuct the MC and the 
>south node.

YIKES!  Maybe you write upside down?

Alan :-)
Keith:  No, I just think upside down, but it gets automatically turned right 
side up by the brain mechanism that turns the upside down image on the retina, 
back to right side up to our brain's perception.

Everything is TOO relative.  I mean people, from my perspective in North 
America,  are walking upside down in Australia! - but they don't fall off.

WE haven't used terms like the phenomenon (perspective of one observer) versus 
the thing-in-itself, the nouemenon, which one LIMITED human can never know.  
But if we were in a higher dimension, our world would look pretty flat and 
predictible.  Maybe that is why the Masters gave Sinnet tomorrow's newspaper 
yesterday back in the 1880's.  If we could see the FLATLANDERS so dear to 
Wilber and others we would find there world very Newtonian and predictable.

All this quantum physics and fractal stuff (inter-deminsional, Huh, that is a 
new one on me, but I like it!) shows that our senses don't lie, they just 
don't tell 99% of the truth.  Our sense help us survive on the physical plane 
in our present stage of evolution on this globe.  Space men have difficulty, 
going to the bathroom and telling up from down sometimes. 

If I were is space, the people in Texas and Australia would both look like 
they were going around in circles!


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