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Astrologers and Theosophists UNITE!

Aug 06, 1997 11:20 AM

>Also as transits my first house, I am forced to give up first one thing and 
>then another.  I even had a major accident when it transiting Pluto
>my natal Mars.

You are going through a major, agonizing transformative process!!! That's
an extremely difficult transit, one that the vast majority of folks aren't
forced to undergo. And I thought its excursion through my 7th house is bad
enough. {{{Keith}}} Hmmm. Our charts must be mirror images, at least with
respect to the angles. I'm not at all surprised about your accident when
Pluto conjuncted your natal Mars. (Was there a bit of recklessness or
willfulness there contributing to the accident? I'm asking purely out of
scientific curiosity.) BTW, with your strong interest in astrology, I would
suspect that you have a prominent Uranus. It's my rising planet and rules
my MC.
>Ah, well, we could go on and on with the symbol system, but it DOES work 
>doesn't it?

Indeed! I tell skeptics that I don't know how it works, but empirically it
does. :-)

Keith:  My Uranus in the 9th house of philosphy, higher learning and long 
distance travel ( for me meditation-traveling a very long distance to other 
planes ), and in Cancer near the MC.  I could neve be an academic, my flashes 
of inspiration are too deeply FELT to be communicated with footnotes and 

For me the higher mind is linked to flashes of feeling - that I may or may not 
confuse with intuition, others trust books, I trust my guts when it comes to 
philosphical propositions.

I think a lot of the newer schools of astrology that deal with cycles of 
reincarnation and lives on Atlantis etc.  owe a lot to theosophy.   It is a 
shame that there are so many theosophists out there, but don't know it by that 
name or are in the closet like Ken Wilber, Jean Houston, Capra, Ramdass and so 
many others.

Yes I had the accident own purpose I guess and it has been a very hard 
Plutonian lesson.  I broke the bones around my eye in three places, I did not 
require surgery.  The doctor said I had amazing powere of recuperation 
(regeneration - Scorpio again, the best and the worst)>


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