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Re: Fractals

Aug 06, 1997 03:50 PM
by Vincent Beall

"Jerry Schueler" wrote:
> Subject: Fractals
> Fractals are interdimensions--between 2nd and 3rd dimensions.
> They relate to the basic idea As Above So Below, and the
> microcosm-macrocosm doctrine.  Occult mathematics, in a
> sense.

Fractals have been assigned "fractal dimensions" by the founder of the
study Dr. Mandelbrot. The dimensional value serves only to help classify
differences between various fractals, and the fractals are not these
"interdimensions". Fractals are real mathematical objects specified by
algorithims. The fractal that I am studing would have a fractal
dimension greater than three, and would be described by equations
involving the interaction of two scaling functions. 

> PS.  We actually did create them, in the sense that we ultimately
> created everything ("we" referring to our inner monads).  God is not a
> superhuman creator in the heavens.

My experience with G-d is of course very limited, but I did ask Him
questions to which He gave answers during my days in elementary school.
In the area that I grew up there were scientists, and I was attending
school with their children. As I got information about the scientific
view of our world from school instruction, I asked G-d, as I called Him,
important questions that I had about scientific matters. 

You say that there is no superhuman creator in the heavens, I would have
to tell you that I have asked Him no questions about His creative
abilities or about His 'person'. I have, however, had some experiences
with His ability to create, and have to tell you He is very powerful,
although, to date I cannot say that I know anything more.

There is great difficulty in getting Good information about Him, atheist
and also the "religious" give you answers to questions about Divinity to
which they have no personal knowledge, they lie in otherwords. 

At my request G-d has spoken to several people that are close to me. The
most interesting case has been that of my best friend. He is an atheist,
and G-d spoke to him to deliver a word of advice to me. I was taking a
walk with my friend when G-d spoke to his mind. Well I have to tell you
he had great difficulty with the experience. He repeated to me the words
of advice from G-d with mortal fear. He had become very pale and seemed
to be negotiating with G-d while having great difficulty delivering the
message. During the process my friend said to me that he would
completely forget this experience, saying it as if trying to desparately
convince himself, and told me never to bring it up to him.

>From this experience I have concluded that some people are really not
capable of interacting with G-d, and their atheism is a very deep form
of protection.

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