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Re: Some fun?!*

Aug 28, 1997 11:13 AM
by Vincent Beall

A. Safron wrote:
 HEY!  It's good to know that some one out
> there is at peace and having a good time!  There may be hope for me yet.
> A. Safron

Thanks for the response! 

There was time when myself and three members of my immediate family were
living in a rambling house, and all working long hours at the family
bussiness trying to save it. Well I have to tell you, everything that
could go wrong all happened at once; waves of misfortune each day. We
were all so busy fixing problems we didn't even talk to each other for
weeks. My mother had said to me in the middle of the onslaught that she
believed that we were under a spiritual attack, and I had to solemnly
agree. During that time it was difficult to have the energy to pray or
meditate; there was only the dutiful knowing that eack task must be
completed quietly with no errors. It was like a monastary in the
holocaust, but we endured, and without anything said, it ended. 

It it sometimes asked "what did you learn from that"; perhaps times like
these transform us in a deep way beyond our knowledge. True character is
not simply learned; it is gained in our experiences.

Wishing you strength and peace,



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