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Re: Judging

Aug 26, 1997 10:49 PM
by Tom Robertson

>>Surely understanding comes from judgement. Is this not that relative
>>concept of logic we use to distinguish between the quality of A versus 

Jerry wrote:

>Gary, as I am sure you know, it is not your judgement between
>A and B that is the problem, but rather when you conclude that A
>is superior to B (or vice versa) that the real problem begins 
>(e.g., predjudice, egotism, etc.).

I don't understand the problem with the making of comparisons.  All
decisions are based on the evaluation of alternatives.  It is
impossible to disapprove of the making of comparisons without making
one.  Or are you saying that the potential of all human beings is

>Christians have a long history of judging others, and look at the
>pain this has caused the world. I would hope that theosophists have
>already learned this lesson.

Behavior must be judged, in order to choose the better over the worse.
When Jesus said not to judge, he was disapproving of the holding of
grudges, not of the evaluation of behavior, which he did often,
according to the Bible.

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