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Re: Baltimore experience

Aug 27, 1997 01:25 AM
by Vincent Beall

K. Paul Johnson wrote:
> Dear Vincent,
> Glad it wasn't you.  I've been talking to the lodge at least
> once a year from 1990 onwards.  Would guess that this occurred
> in 1993 or 94, but am not sure.
> This was the only instance of such nastiness I ever saw in any
> TS setting.  The culprit was actually a ULT member and not a
> lodge member if I recall correctly, and hasn't been seen in
> a while.
> Cheers,
> Paul

Paul, I hope you can find it within yourself to forgive this poor
derilict individual. But, sadly I must confess that it was me that was
responsible for the outburst, and surely you were not the target of my
exasperation which at that unfortunate moment had reached the level of
insanity. However, I can understand that you had every reason to be
shocked by my performance.

What I was so terribly upset about, and vented on everyone in the
meeting, was that "duality" had become for me nightmarish in the way
that the masses of the west and occultists in particular take duality as
completely ubiquitous and responsible for every "good" thing which is
the complete antithesis of the right way which is to transcend duality.
You may not recall, and this by no means excuses my behavior, but before
you spoke several speakers were lauding the "great and powerful"
arttributes of duality, which really triggered my revolt against the
utter simple mindedness of trying to hide all power, wisdom, and beauty
in a coin toss.

Well, I hope you have never made such a fool of yourself as I did that
night, believe me I am still truly embarrassed.



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