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Re: Eldon (reply to Kym)

Aug 20, 1997 10:29 AM
by Tom Robertson

Kym wrote:

>One can prove that sexism exists, but one cannot prove God exists.

Since they, as all perceptions do, both have objective and subjective
aspects, they are both on the same continuum, and differ only in
degree of probability of existing, rather than one being absolutely
provable and the other not.  Or, perhaps, by provable, you mean only
to a certain high degree of probability, rather than beyond any doubt,
as I would understand it to mean.  A certain number of people believe
that sexism exists, and a certain number of people believe that God
exists.  Or, more accurately, everyone believes in the existence of
both to unique degrees of probability.   

>Tom has explained in abundance how he thinks - one need rarely guess >what little creatures are running around in his brain.  To ask him to further
>explain what he means is simply to bring upon oneself a night of howling at
>the moon.

Because you're only a girl, I'm going to let that comment pass by.

>. . .different dendrite connections, I presume. 

Dendrite?  Is that a brand of toothpaste?

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