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Blatant Sexism

Aug 19, 1997 10:06 PM
by Ken Malkin

Greetings and good day !

I'm late to the table with this talk of blatant sexism and gender bias.
I do feel we spend lifetimes understanding the potency of each
possibility within the total human range of potential. We exclude
nothing from our experience. Gender, relationships, thinking, sexual
preference, ad nauseum. Once we see through to the pain of an issue, it
no longer interests the person, thus awakened, to perpetuate that pain
inducing action.

In the scheme of mother brother, father etc. we all are pack animals.
The law of Karma sees to it that we balance what we have produced. Think
a thing, create a thing. 

Changing the world may be more simple than one believes. It starts with
the individual. You know, that atom within the greater being who thus is
but the slightly larger atom in the cosmic scheme. As you wish to live,
thus do you manifest. Perhaps for some meditate, for others, good works,
for another group religious ceremony. It truly does not matter the path. 

The profundity of words in all of our discussions overwhelm my small
mind. What I have tried, tested and proven to myself is simply this; we
have the ability thus the responsibility to evolve past form. That
mandate is lawful and universal. That which prevents our schucking off
the "Ties that bind" should be instantly seen as retardation's of the
"Prime directive" and MUST be avoided.  

The " Prime Directive" of course is the return whence we came. Refined
by our human journey. We are perhaps, akin to the creation of a
multi-faceted perfect brilliant diamond. It has been cut and nicely
polished by each life times effort. Soon on, eons of labor affords us an
endowment in which we reflect the light of radiant being-ness that we
have chosen to experience.

Then the real work commences.

Peace profound
Ken Malkin

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