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Re: Today

Aug 31, 1997 03:23 PM
by libidia

Doss, you said: 
>     No need to carry anything. Computer Keyboard and theos-l is all that is
> needed.
>     Keyboard is mightier than sword!
Finally, I agree.  I have not been to bed in two days, finally, finding
time and peace to explore the Internet.  First thing I did was go to
Alan's page then to Spiritweb.  Of course I found all the stuff on
theosophy and lots on Druids.  Peter was thrilled to copy your book Alan
and asked me why there were so many spellings of the word Kaballah. 
Turns out he was upstairs reading about it at exactly the time I was
downloading your book! He will not ask you himself??!!  All of this lead
to having dinner with him, the first time we have spent time together in
many months, and I invited him to talk and I would just listen.  Usually
he refuses to communicate, but he talked about theosophy with an
animation I had not seen in him in many years.  Very often he would
say,"do you know what I mean by that?".  Guess what guys, I did, and
enough to be able to discuss the different "factions" within Theosophy. 
We took a break when we started to argue about hierarchical structure. 
I am struggling still with a great sadness that I think my husband may
have found his path and it does not include me in the traditional sense
as I have had my time, but then I remembered we started this
relationship sitting on the roof of a friends house one particularly
clear star filled night and shared our dreams of determination to follow
a path of truth, although at that time we had no idea what truth meant
and what a struggle it could be.  And right at the moment I was thinking
of these things, he shouted down to me to turn on the TV because
Princess Di was dead.

I have been dealing with that tragic event since then and am at peace
with the change in me in just a few months.  After the shock and sense
of loss, I felt it in my "heart" and could join that feeling with my
"head" that the body in that box covered with the royal standard we saw
being taken "home" was just a shell.  the spirit that was Di has passed
on to the true home in the ultimate joy of the process of "life".  I am
not a royalist but I recognized Di along time ago as a relatively pure
spirit dealing with the hyprocracy of thousands of years in her
particular arena. Kinds of ties in with your comments Jaqi.  The few
glimpses of the 15 year old William were not enough to get a sense of
whether that tall beauty of a body she bequeathed has the strength to
seek the Grail and hence influence a new generation. 

Today, Peter is putting together the Sept issue of the TO Theosphy Group
newsletter and starting the arrangements he has volunteered for some
long-named visiting speaker and, finally, he goes in peace with my
love.  Every so often though I hope to remind him that we "masses" are
on our own path and have a place too! 
Thanks guys.  Annette.

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