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Re: Schemes of Chains, Rounds and Globes

Aug 18, 1997 07:22 PM
by Bart Lidofsky


> (1) The Vulcan Scheme: Presently in its third Chain, it has one physical globe
> (the planet Vulcan inside Mercury's orbit), two astral, two lower mental, and
> two Causal globes. 

	This is actually one of the major problems I have with Alice Bailey. In
the early 20th century, it was discovered that the orbit of Mercury
wasn't quite what it should be. It turned out that a planet of a certain
size, inside of Mercury's orbit, would fix the problem. So astronomers
started searching for the planet, which they called Vulcan. One
prominent astronomer claimed to have seen the planet, but, as the
astronomical community requires that two mutually independent
astronomers sight an object before it can be officially registered.

	One scientist, however, stated that it was not a planet at all, but
that the problem was in the Newtonian laws of physics, which were not
generally true, but only true under special circumstances, and that
Mercury was not one of those special circumstances.

	The scientist was Albert Einstein, and his Theory of Relativity was an
alternative explanation to the existence of the planet, Vulcan. This can
be marked as the point at which science started moving towards

	To me, the use of the planet Vulcan, physical or ethereal, is
anti-Theosophical, or at the very least, against what Blavatsky and the
Adepts wrote.

	Bart Lidofsky

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