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Re: Schemes of Chains, Rounds and Globes

Aug 19, 1997 11:02 AM
by kymsmith

Alan responded to Keith:

>>The planets exist on an etheric, astral, intellecutal (noospheric), buddhic, 
>>and atmic levels just as we do in our physcial bodies. The solar system and 
>>beyond echo this scheme of interpenentrating bodies, evolving at different 
>>planes and for different purposes.
>So it is said. How can we verify any of this? Is there an obvious
>practical application?

The practical application?  Indeed, Alan.  Much of Theosophy is as Keith
wrote - impressive sounding, definitely handy to have at parties or other
gatherings to impress friend and foe - but thrifty on the practical side.

The message of Theosophy - on the practical side - is very similiar to other
philosophies/religions - and it is: to be kind, treat others as you would
like to be treated, be compassionate, always recognize the divinity in all
of us.

>>Life waves move from planet to planet in our solar system and if we may 
>>speculate like the science fiction writers from galaxy to galaxy.
>This also may well be true, so how does it help us here and now?

Maybe it expands/sharpens our mental vision and capability (at least I hope
so, or my majoring in philosophy is one big honkin' waste of time) - but
people can improve the world and practice compassion without this information.

Hmmm. . .then why Theosophy?

>>Has anyone studied this in detail?  Does anyone want to study it on-line?
>I think someone (like you!) would need to elucidate by starting at the
>beginning (or near it) and explaining the ideas in words more familiar
>to the ignorant(-ish) student(s).

Now that's a challenge!  One of the problems with Theosophy and Theosophists
is the sqeamishness about putting Theosophy into the "language of the
masses."  What would happen to "us" if "they" all knew as much as "we" did!?


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