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Re: Late message TU

Aug 18, 1997 07:07 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Ken Malkin wrote:
> First I do agree with Titus Roth in his latest message (1193). Further I
> believe establishing the base lines for interaction is also important.
> IMO Bart was trying to bully and threaten me into silence.

	Actually, not. I have no intention of passing your message on. Checking
my sent mail...oops. Mea culpa. I implied that I wasn't going to say
anything, but I didn't say outright that I wasn't. I apologize. The
meaning of my message was that there are certain statements that go
beyond expressing opinion, and are actionable if they can't be backed
up. Accusing people of illegal activity happens to be one of them. You
could have made the same statements as opinion rather than fact by using
appropriate qualifiers, such as "questionable" rather than "illegal".
If, of course, you can prove the illegality of the actions, then you
have nothing to worry about; truth is always an absolute defense. 

	I have recently gotten into (and out of) some trouble for something I
have written here (NOT from the TS, and saying any more about will get
me even deeper), and I am therefore extra-sensitive about the
possibility of others getting into trouble.

	Once again, no threat was intended on my part, only a warning of what
others might do, and I apologize if such a threat was inferred.

> Bart, do you think that there is anyone that does not know "BIG BROTHER

	I didn't know that you had an older male sibling. Is he a lawyer? If
so, then he can advise you far better than I could. I have to make the
assumption that you are not resorting to a cheap device like calling the
victim an inflammatory name in order to get sympathy. 

> Then the IRS would stick their nose in, probably find reason to look at
> the TS in a manner the management would not desire to have occur, the
> 'State of Illinois' would have their look, the statute of limitations
> has not run on the by-law changes, of course the US Justice Department
> their walk around, all Bart, I'm sure, you are well familiar with.

	Then why don't you inform the IRS? Isn't there a reward for turning in
tax violators? That way, you make money instead of it costing you money.

	Bart Lidofsky

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