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Late message TU

Aug 18, 1997 02:38 PM
by Ken Malkin

Greetings one and all !

My delay in answering Barts message last weekend was due to my not
understanding the posting fine points. Thanks John Mead for the help !

First I do agree with Titus Roth in his latest message (1193). Further I
believe establishing the base lines for interaction is also important. 
IMO Bart was trying to bully and threaten me into silence. 

That diatribe finished and if I haven't worn out your colective patience
please read on,  

Friday 15:20
Hiya Bart my friend,

> Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 23:50:14 -0400
> From: Bart Lidofsky <>
> Subject: Re: Bart and the Nazi's

> Ken Malkin wrote:
> > In closing, is there a religion or society higher than the truth ?
> > Thinks me not.
> >        I hope you can back up the statements you made. I know of at
>least one person at Wheaton who reads this list, and you made a number >of statements that go beyond opinion, and to the point of making you >liable to a lawsuit for slander if you cannot back them up >(specifically, allegations of illegality).

Bart, do you think that there is anyone that does not know "BIG BROTHER
IS WATCHING?". What do you take us for, ignorant minions of a cybergod
intent on fractal fragmentation? 

My friend, the short answer is, sue away.... I'm sure that when it comes
to a "Suppoena duces tecum" interesting things will out. Indeed, if
Wheaton finds something they disagree with, THEY have the ability to
threaten, NOT YOU!   REMEMBER yourself my friend. You are just one of
the billions, not the one!
> >        If the people at Wheaton did in fact act illegally, then why
>don't you call the authorities and have them arrested? Why don't you
>start a class action lawsuit?
A class action suit would cost over $ 200,000 to initiate. If the
Wheatonists sued me, I could defend myself for $ 25,000 in Florida. I
could pay for the defense. 

Then the IRS would stick their nose in, probably find reason to look at
the TS in a manner the management would not desire to have occur, the
'State of Illinois' would have their look, the statute of limitations
has not run on the by-law changes, of course the US Justice Department
their walk around, all Bart, I'm sure, you are well familiar with.

Everything said under deposition would be published on this list, on a
Web Page, to the individual membership at large (the membership list
would finally have to be made public as the MANAGEMENT can only act if
they represent the majority by vote. The State of Illinois, and the
Federal Tax Code both state in summation, that all membership lists of
"NON-PROFIT" corporations must be made available to the individual
member upon written request. 

Lastly, No individual was spoken of if I remember..., see the by-laws... 
Together, these facts and several I have not mentioned, would be part of
any legal action. I'm sure all of this "Legal stuff" you so blithely
throw about will make YOU very popular with the Wheatonists. After all,
there have been so many lawsuits they have instituted already. 

Bart, stop being a pisher. Grow up, smell the roses and get a grip ! I
have said basically the same things on this list in the past (some even
worse), I believe infact, as you can see  "rendering unto Caesar..."

No more inane retorts Bart, no more dancing around a point that changes
as the walls get close, no more threats, just walk the walk or stop
talking the talk !

My peace profound,
Ken Malkin

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