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Re: Schemes of Chains, Rounds and Globes

Aug 18, 1997 04:40 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, JOSEPH PRICE
<> writes
>The planets exist on an etheric, astral, intellecutal (noospheric), buddhic, 
>and atmic levels just as we do in our physcial bodies. The solar system and 
>beyond echo this scheme of interpenentrating bodies, evolving at different 
>planes and for different purposes.

So it is said. How can we verify any of this? Is there an obvious
practical application?
>Life waves move from planet to planet in our solar system and if we may 
>speculate like the science fiction writers from galaxy to galaxy.

This also may well be true, so how does it help us here and now?
>Has anyone studied this in detail?  Does anyone want to study it on-line?

I think someone (like you!) would need to elucidate by starting at the
beginning (or near it) and explaining the ideas in words more familiar
to the ignorant(-ish) student(s).


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