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Re: THEOS-L digest 1193

Aug 18, 1997 11:50 AM
by Titus Roth

Kirsten <> wrote:

> The conversation on this list is so tacky and childish.  Slander and
> lawsuits...the last cry of the insulted.  You people aren't
> theosophists, you're bored.  I work with someone that just likes to
> instigate unrest and derisiveness and he does it because he wants to be
> a star.  He likes to be talked about and disliked why?...I don't know. 
> But I see the same thing going on here, not in private by email, but
> here where the public comes, to discuss theosophy with like-minded
> individuals, and then leaves because there are none.  bye.

There's more to people than their irritating foibles.  Like Doss,
I'd encourage you to stick it out a little bit.  Behind an act of
nastiness is insecurity.  Some people will not respond to kindness;
at least not during your time of interaction.  But you'd be
surprised at the number of people who do.

I do sympathize with you however.  People can be frank without being
sarcastic and insulting.  The only thing sarcasm does is look
clever, make communication harder and make people more defensive.

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