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Jupiter going direct?

Aug 07, 1997 04:02 PM
by Vincent Beall

It has been very unseasonably cool here in Maryland the last two days,
and it may continue for a few more days. This evening two geese flew
over flying south; we usually don't see this until later in the year.
The geese that fly over come from Canada.

Anyway, could someone describe the meaning of Jupiter going direct in
terms what it means to the planetary positions? I dont know very much
about astrology, but I did have an astrologer do my chart and provide an
interpretation. There is also, according the astrologer, heliocentric
astrology which he said he knew nothing about. I have the Interactive
Computer Ephemeris that was distributed by the National Observatory, and
I have read some of Keplers work. Using the ICE program showed that many
of Keplers relationships could be verified. There was a near Keplerian
alignment of Jupiter with Saturn in March of 1994 preceeding the comet
impacts in July.

Is "Jupiter going direct" heliocentric or traditional astrology?




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