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Aug 07, 1997 06:48 AM
by John E Mead

The following was relayed to me by a board member.
The Stil-light board has not voted yet as to agree or disagree
with the following items.  people who are interested (especially those in 
the south-east USA) should be notified.  



This is what the TS Board approved at their meeting:

1.  Create a restricted fund within TIT (Stil-L:ight Fund"), the income
which is to be used solely to promote Theosophical work primarily in the
Stil-Light area (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama,
Kentucky, Virginia).

2.  Deposit in this Fund the proceeds from the sale of the Stil-Light
property and all assets of the Stil-Light Corporation.

3.  Appoint a committee for the Stil-Light Fund, whose duty is to recommend
to the National Board of Directors the expenditure of the income from the
Fund for work in the Stil-Light area.

This committee is to consisst initaqlly of the lpresent members and past
presidents of the Stil-Light Board who are still members of the Society. 
committee is to be appointed annually by the National board of Directors on
rotating basis, with reappoinment possible and the requirements for
appointment being active membership in TSA and familiarity with the
Stil-Light area.

Among the work eligible for support by Stil-Light funds are included, but
limited to, conventions, seminars, workshops, and lectures at such
as Lake Junaluska (near the orignial Stil-Light location), other camp or
retreat sites, and urban centers throughout the Stil-Light area.

It is expected that the Stil-Light Committee will develop and propose
vigorous activities in the Stil-Light area to strengthen existing local
Theosophical groups, create new ones, serve the needs of members-at-large,
and reach out to the public to make Theosophy better known throughout the
Stil-Light area.

In the course of carrying out its mandate, the Committee is free to, and is
expected to, consult with other officers of the former Stil-Light Board,
former members of Stil-Light and Theosophists throughout the Stil-Light

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