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Re: Fractals

Aug 07, 1997 03:14 PM
by Vincent Beall

"Dr. A.M.Bain" wrote:

> Subject: Re: Fractals
> Your spelling of the Name is consistent with some Jewish practice, esp.
> 'Hasidic.  Is this coincidence?

I am a Theosophist and have never been a member of any congregation or
church, but in my reading I have found this manner of spelling very
appropriate and find it more agreeable.  

> From:

> Subject: Re: Fractals

> Vincent wrote:
> >There is great difficulty in getting Good information about Him, atheist
> >and also the "religious" give you answers to questions about Divinity to
> >which they have no personal knowledge, they lie in otherwords.
> "They lie?"  Hmmm.  When one's experience, or lack of experience, with God
> differs from another's, it does not necessarily mean one or the other is lying.
> However, let us take your argument further - how do I know YOU are NOT
> telling a 'lie' about God?
> Kym

Well, Kym what I am saying is that people should speak from their own
experiences from G-d and not simply repeat the various religious
doctrines that so roundly contradict each other. There are those who
claim that there is no heavenly realm beyond existance on earth, and
those claiming three or even seven heavenly realms. Logic would tell us
that they cannot all be true, although, one might still postulate that
each one would find what he expected beyond life on earth, which is one
of the more interesting doctrines. However, in my case I am reporting my
own experiences and don't know anything more. I have asked very few
questions, but all of the answers have been excellent. 

Peace be with you,


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