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Aug 07, 1997 12:05 PM
by A. Safron

> From: M K Ramadoss <>
> Subject: Re: STIL-LIGHT
> Date: Thursday, August 07, 1997 12:23 PM
> This has happened before in Trusts. It is reported that it happened in
> Krishnamurti Trusts when Jiddu Krishnamurti was alive and he effectually was
> prevented from using the Trust property for his lectures and it took long
> drawn out lawsuits which dragged on for 18 years (at a very great waste)
> before it was finally settled after Krishnamurti died. BTW, at one point,
> the Trustees sued Krishnamurti himself personally (along with others) for
> $9.00 million. Truth is stranger than fiction.
> If this could happen to Krishnamurti himself while he was alive, one can
> imagine what could happen to TIT.
Money, especially in huge quantities, seems to do strange things to people.
IMHO, I believe that every Lodge and Study Group houls have enough money on hand
to buy coffee and a  large bottle of creamer to go along with it.  Sugar should be
donated, as well as stirrers and styrofoam cups.  Also, any snacks should be
be rotated among the  members in terms of cost.  All groups should meet at
basements, living rooms, kitchens, parks or any free space that they can
find.  Without any particular assets, such as property or money, NO ONE
will be interested in you, nor can they come and take it away from you.
And if they don't like what  you are talking about, if it is not Theosophical
enough for them, they can kick you out and you can meet independently
and start  your own group.

A. Safron

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