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Books on net? Really? (HOW???)

Aug 22, 1997 01:18 PM
by Estrella

> Subject: Re: Announcement of a search engine on Theosophy
> Message-ID: <>
> At 09:07 PM 8/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
> >In message <>, writes
> >>For those who may be interested, The Theosophical Society International
> >>Headquarters ( ) has added a search engine
> >>to
> >>its site which will allow the user to search the full text of all the
> >>books
> >>online.
> >
> >There is a link to this site from the TI site (below). Click on "Classic
> >texts plus".
> >
> >Alan
>   It is the availability of links that is very inviting to visitors to the
> URL. A static URL which has incestuous links does not interest many. In the
> marketplace, many companies have spent a lot of money setting up a www and
> then try find techniques to make visitors visit their site -- a very tough
> marketing job.
>   Keep up the good work, Alan.
> ............mkr

Seems i do not understood really how this system of theosophical books
on the net work. can someone explain it to me more clearly?
Alan, is it simmilar that system to your book archive you have in your
homepage of .zip compressed texts??


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