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Re: TS celebs

Aug 22, 1997 01:58 PM
by Tom Robertson

>K. Paul Johnson wrote:
>> But hey, Scientology's the nastiest religion around and has a
>> whole bunch of celebrity endorsements.  Which should indicate
>> the level of discernment found in Hollywood.
>	Or the level of blackmail found in Scientology. They get people to >talk about their problems, and then threaten to make them public if the
>person ever tries to break away.
>	Bart Lidofsky

I took their personality test 15 years or so ago, and, due to how
extremely screwed up they said I was, I shied away from them.  I know
someone who says he was conned of thousands of dollars from them and
who spends a great deal of time picketing them, while believing he is
risking his physical security in doing so.

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