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Re: TS celebs

Aug 22, 1997 03:21 PM
by A. Safron

> From: Tom Robertson <>
> Subject: Re: TS celebs
> Date: Friday, August 22, 1997 4:02 PM
> >K. Paul Johnson wrote:
> >
> >> But hey, Scientology's the nastiest religion around and has a
> >> whole bunch of celebrity endorsements.  Which should indicate
> >> the level of discernment found in Hollywood.
> >
> >	Or the level of blackmail found in Scientology. They get people to >talk about their
problems, and then threaten to make them public if the
> >person ever tries to break away.
> >
> >	Bart Lidofsky
> I took their personality test 15 years or so ago, and, due to how
> extremely screwed up they said I was, I shied away from them.  I know
> someone who says he was conned of thousands of dollars from them and
> who spends a great deal of time picketing them, while believing he is
> risking his physical security in doing so.

I've read many personal accounts on the web that would make your hair
stand on end.  Ron Hubbard's own son committed suicide because he
couldn't stand being part of the organization anymore.

A. Safron

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