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Chicago LIberal Catholic Church purchases new building

Aug 05, 1997 06:24 AM
by A. Safron

The Liberal Catholic Church of St.Francis is pleased to announced that at 10 am Tuesday,
July 8th, we signed the papers for the purchase of a church
building in Villa Park, hear Ardmore and School St..  It was originaly
built as an Episcopalian church during 1945-1950. 
Since thta time it has been used as Bible Church and
 the latest, Free Christian Assemblies.

The church will hold between 70-85 people.  There is a parsonage attached to the church
building  with a driveway.  The lot is 100 x 187 ft. Target date for the consecration
will be the 5th of October, the feast of St. Francis. Remodelling of the interior
of the church is just starting.

The church pews that were there were brand new but with no kneelers, and in appropriate for
church and will be sold.   The old oak St. Francis pews, which are in storage and were
originally bought by Dr. Henry Smith, will have to be re-sized, for the church dimensions are
much smaller than the Mozart church.  There is a small choir loft to house an organ/jeyboard. 
It is an 88 keys Alesis
keyboard w/speaker.  

A. Safron

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