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Re: Some funnies

Aug 05, 1997 06:36 AM
by A. Safron

> From:
> Subject: Re: Some funnies
> Date: Monday, August 04, 1997 1:52 PM
> Plutonian contacts with the angles of a chart are truly upheaving,
> transformational experiences, IMHO, and I'm working to discern the inner
> meaning of all of this, beyond the obvious lifestyle changes that anyone
> who has a heart attack has to undergo. Life being full of surprises, I'm
> sure that the deeper transformative effects will be probably quite
> different than I could ever dream of. (Fortunately, whenever it hits that
> sensitive point in my chart in its oscillations over my Descendant, it's
> also trining my natal Mercury which happens to be conjunct my natal Pluto,
> triggering that aspect as well.) ;-D
Being a Pisces Sun, Neptune is always a biggie for me.  A square or
opposition to Neptune can be disastrous, but a trine or sextile can be
great.  In 1985, I had Neptune inconjunct my Ascendant on the cusp
of the 6th house for one year, along with Progressed Mars opposing
my natal Neptune in the third house.  For one solid year, no one
could figure out what my physical problems were, no many how
many doctors I went to.  The month the transits past, the mystery
began to clear like a fog and I was working with a new set of 
doctors who knew what was bothering me.  

A. SAFron

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